Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

Silence is Love

How do you feel about Silence? Does it hold hands with self control? Is it the worst game another person can do to ignore and be silent? There is power in silence. We need silence to write, watch t.v., think, pray and just gather ourselves. Intraverts need more silence than xtraverts. One of the reasons I loved the Catholic Church was the intense silence that I felt engulfed in peace. I now know that the Eucharist present in the tabernacle was the peaceful quietness of God. That silence was deeper and stronger than any other. My whole being was listening intently and all my senses were opened to receive love.

Letโ€™s pause and listen to the still small voice of God. We cannot hear this quiet voice in lives if we are never still and silent. We have to make time to listen. Listening needs practice and patience. If we listen intently we can hear Gods message in a small child, old man, reading bumper sticker, a fat woman or man, the bum, and especially in Gods word. God is in everything and everyone no matter how insignificant. Saint Francis โ€œIn prayer more is accomplished by listening then by talking. โ€œ

So as I am working on the importance silence in my life and I found scriptures to help me improve my life. I find it very hard to know the right time to speak in certain situations. It is good to be silent so that you do not regret later anything you say. If it is someone else’s business it is good to be silent about it. It is good to be silent when you do not have all the facts in any situation. Silence can fill the room when something bad happens. It is uncomfortable to be silent in times when others are hurting. However is best to listen to them without advice. I find myself asking for self control to help me be silent. Always be silent if your words will offend the weaker person. Basically be silent when it is time to listen.

In friendship it is good to be prudent and ask God for wisdom. It is good to be silent when you are angry in the heat of a moment. Be silent if your words will damage a friendship. When your words will convey the wrong impression, be silent. Do not say anything you will be ashamed of later. Do not say anything that will damage someone else’s reputation. Be silent if you are tempted to lie. Also if you are tempted to be critical be silent. Do not say anything if you have to yell. It is better to be silent then to have to eat your words later.

When it comes to Holy actions, be silent when you are tempted to make light of Holy things. Be silent when you are tempted to joke about sin. Most of all be silent of your words will be poor reflection of the lord and your family or friends.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone who only wanted you to hear them. It is very selfish and I find it frustrating. Listening is a gift when someone really hears what you are saying and understands without judgement. It might not be what you actually say but they know your deep feelings on any issue. What a joy it is to receive that kind of listening. They are not trying to fix you but really hear your deepest feelings. I am trying to listen that way because

It is a gift of grace from God. We have to practice this especially if you are a talker like me. When I am able to accomplish that kind of listening, we both are healed and truly united in love.

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  1. ellenmongan said:

    Thought provoking


  2. Thanks Ellen ๐Ÿ™


  3. I sometimes realize my ego feels like a horse impatiently waiting to bolt through the gate! I just want to make my opinion known. Recognizing this is a step forward in controlling myself!
    It is in the same category as interrupting with a comment, or impatiently waiting to jump in the conversation. In these cases, listening is not happening as much as thinking about what is going to come out of one’s mouth.


  4. You are so right, there is so much power in silence. I have found myself asking for the same prayer as you, self-control. This article is powerful. Thank you:)

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  5. Thank you ma’am , lovely writing

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