Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

Alpha Center For Women

Lori Chamblin

Executive Director and Founder 1998

Lori Chamblin who is the Executive Director and Founder of The Alpha Center for Women, a contract service provided for Florida Pregnancy Support service Program, a Florida State program which promotes pregnancy education and encourages women to carry their pregnancies to birth.  Location 118 North Pine Avenue,  Ocala, Florida 34475www.alphacenterocala.com  1-800-848-LOVE National Center for Life Has billboards all over Marion County.

Alpha Center for Women exists to provide a safe, confidential, educational environment to assist men and women in unplanned pregnancy. We do not perform or refer for abortion.

However, we do educate on abortion procedures and all available life-affirming options. We are not here to pressure, but to give factual information so that our clients can make informed decisions about their pregnancies. Our desire is that every unborn life would be welcomed into our world, but our goal is to impart unmitigated truth about life before birth and the documented effects of abortion on men, women and relationships.

We offer material support before and after pregnancy, up to age 3. And we offer post abortion support to help on the healing journey for those struggling with a past abortion.

We are here for you. No matter what.

Lori shares her experience strength and hope on our WOW Women Of Wisdom, podcast and her ongoing quest for Healing.  Her testimony speaks of the different levels of forgiveness in her life.  When we hear her life’s, journey, to start the Alpha Center for Women, we are reminded that only God could have done such a  miracle of saving the lives of the unborn.  Lori shares her deep hurts in childhood and continuing into adult life, but not surrendering to despair, but holding onto hope.  She also tells of the importance of  Theophostic counseling in her healing journey, and is very grateful to God in touching her life deeply with His merciful love.  Jesus said to her ” I gave you life – I created you”

Please don’t miss this amazing testimony and click podcast link below


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