Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

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Hurting In The Church

A way Forward For Wounded Catholics

By Fr. Thomas Berg


It has been 40 years later and I find myself still healing.  I was a leader of a charismatic prayer meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  First mistake putting me a, 33 year-old baby Christian, in leadership.  The scripture warns not to put babies in leader-ship.  To be fair the seminary did not teach their priests well enough.   Proof we are all learning.  I had read that it was good to sit before Jesus on the alter and pray and listen.  I began to meditate immediately, I felt a powerful presence of God.  I was taken into hell and I saw a small cylinder and looking down it was like stone people.  Suddenly Satan came down and turned into fire and filled the cylinder.  Immediately I was taken up into a room with a small child playing.  I knew it was my first child that I lost.  Then I went into another place where I saw a beautiful palace with no walls and I knew it was going to be my home, after death.  Later I learned that the walls weren’t there because I was not protected by my own prayers and others.  I was wide open for attacks of the devil.  Then I was taken into a pink and blue cloud and I could not move when God Spoke.  I was overcome by Gods mighty power almost to not being able to breath.  God said, “Cure the sick, Heal the brokenhearted and anoint my little ones.”  It was amazing!  I then went over from the chapel to Mass.  It was a Charismatic Mass.   It was during the peace be with you part of the Mass that the priest came down off the alter to wish us all peace.  When he came to me he gave me a passionate kiss on the mouth.  I was devastated and blamed myself.  I went to morning Mass without make-up and the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart were at Mass.  They came from another parish and I attended their bible study.  They came over to me and ask to come to their home for breakfast.  When I went they began to tell me that one of the other leaders of the prayer meeting had told them that I had proposed marriage to the Pastor of my church.  The priest that kissed me told this lie.  I told them how devasted and shocked that a priest would do such a thing to me.  They said that it is not the first time these things happen in the church.  I remember how stupid it made me feel.  I was so young and did not realize that he was human.   I know now how stupid it was to blame myself.  The real dilemma was my daughter was being confirmed soon after and I was not able to attend.  My husband took my daughter for her confirmation.  When the priest saw my husband he ran off the altar. Thank God my husband knew everything and trusted me.  This was such a humiliation for me.  They moved the priest to another church away and we moved to another town and I continued to go to the Catholic Church.

I have not shared about my abuse in writing but now I am confirming that the book HURTING IN THE CHURCH A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics by Fr. Thomas Berg is a message of love from God.  In 2015 I began to write www.woundedinourmidst.com for the persecuted and wounded people in the church and all who need God.  I wanted to share do not leave God because of something that someone of the church has done to hurt you.  Three years later a friend sent me a Catholic magazine that said wounded in the church, it had reminded her of my blog.  It was an article about Fr. Thomas Berg’s book “Hurting In The Church.”  Fr.Berg has written about his own hurt and betrayal and takes us on his journey for inner healing.  Which has allowed him understanding of our wounds, which he defends us all.  He questions in the book why evil is being swept under the rug and hidden.  This has given me so much hope and affirmed me in my quest to bring people back to the church, that have been alienated or abused.

Healing, understanding and forgiveness are the only attitudes that will heal the church.  Come back all you who are using persecution as an excuse to leave God.  You have been deceived.  Help those of us that are trying to bring change one day at a time


Please click above for the National Reviews interview with Fr. Thomas Berg

Alpha Center For Women,0k

Alpha Center For Women

Lori Chamblin

Executive Director and Founder 1998

Lori Chamblin who is the Executive Director and Founder of The Alpha Center for Women, a contract service provided for Florida Pregnancy Support service Program, a Florida State program which promotes pregnancy education and encourages women to carry their pregnancies to birth.  Location 118 North Pine Avenue,  Ocala, Florida 34475www.alphacenterocala.com  1-800-848-LOVE National Center for Life Has billboards all over Marion County.

Alpha Center for Women exists to provide a safe, confidential, educational environment to assist men and women in unplanned pregnancy. We do not perform or refer for abortion.

However, we do educate on abortion procedures and all available life-affirming options. We are not here to pressure, but to give factual information so that our clients can make informed decisions about their pregnancies. Our desire is that every unborn life would be welcomed into our world, but our goal is to impart unmitigated truth about life before birth and the documented effects of abortion on men, women and relationships.

We offer material support before and after pregnancy, up to age 3. And we offer post abortion support to help on the healing journey for those struggling with a past abortion.

We are here for you. No matter what.

Lori shares her experience strength and hope on our WOW Women Of Wisdom, podcast and her ongoing quest for Healing.  Her testimony speaks of the different levels of forgiveness in her life.  When we hear her life’s, journey, to start the Alpha Center for Women, we are reminded that only God could have done such a  miracle of saving the lives of the unborn.  Lori shares her deep hurts in childhood and continuing into adult life, but not surrendering to despair, but holding onto hope.  She also tells of the importance of  Theophostic counseling in her healing journey, and is very grateful to God in touching her life deeply with His merciful love.  Jesus said to her ” I gave you life – I created you”

Please don’t miss this amazing testimony and click podcast link below


Time Is Short


During my prayer time I heard TIME IS SHORT.  My thoughts went to, how in my lifetime Evil Has grown quickly.  Not only has it grown it has been said that Evil is ok.  Many years ago it’s was said there is no Hell.  Now everyone is disconnected from family, Church, Country so much so we are in danger. Our news is owned by people with an agenda that cannot be trusted.  We have blinked and we are being taken over by pagan countries.  Our youth are being wooed by socialist ideas.  Our only answer is to act quickly to keep this evil from changing our Christian country forever.  We have been safe and taken it for granted, while evil has been destroying our values.  Time is short and we must wake up!  So evil is growing and we too must be growing in our spiritual lives.  The scripture Romans 5:20  where sin abounds Grace abounds much more. What are you spending too much time in your life.

So how should we spend our time?  Since I have been shown the topic for our next podcast.   I immediately have been looking at how I use my time.  I know we should put God first Husband second then children and then our parents as per scripture.  I have been praying for self-control in all these areas of time.  It is also important to say no to the things that take too much of our time.  The internet takes too much of my time.  So I am working on balance in my life.

It is important to make time for wonder of Gods creation.  Going to a beautiful garden and take in the incredible creation of our loving God.  In the silence and peace we are filled with awe.  Making time can be great for our self esteem.

In my opinion of the message, aTime is Short, we need to stop taking our faith for granted and begin to grow quickly.  We need to be doing what God made us to do.

God does not make junk, a saying from awhile ago. Still very true. When God made me he Laughed. I am learning to take myself not too seriously and lighten up. I will not listen to gossip about me or any criticisms to stop me from fulfilling Gods will in my life.

Learning to see yourself as God see you

Meditate on the commandments of God. Study them to bring your sins into the light so that you can see yourself in the Truth of God. God loves us in a way that is impossible to understand. His love transcends all understanding. He looks at us with complete understanding. God wants the best for us. He helps us in the perfect way to encourage us to change. Pray for God to show you what He wants to change in you now. If God wanted us to be perfect he would have made us perfect. We are a part of His bigger plan for us all.

Learning to Love yourself as God loves you. He is love you and wants you to be strong. God did not make you perfect and does not expect you to be perfect. God expects us to repent and lean on him for everything. He wants you to trust His mighty power in my life. I know that God loves me and therefor I must love myself, not eat or drink too much, exercise, be prudent in my ways, and pray for good health for me and others. In other words say No and realize my limitations. Do not beat myself up if I am corrected but learn from it. Let God be God.

Learning to love others as God loves them

When I see and feel how God loves and enjoys us as his own. I begin to look at everyone differently. I see the goodness in them rather than the small amount of bad. It is easier to forgive them quickly. So much time is wasted on negative thinking, listening to gossip, judging things that are none of our business, instead of praying for understanding. Our world has become more and more evil. We are influenced by T.V., movies, books, songs, and we do not even realized how it enters our thinking and takes our time. Politics is a good example on how we think negative of another person for no reason but they do not think like us. It all comes down to choosing to LOVE and not listening to negative. Just breath in the Love of God and meditate on His love for us, forgive and be happy.

Growing in gratitude time well spent

It is easy to complain about everything but not easy to see the good and be grateful. What surprise when you begin to look for the good. Immediately our attitude changes to positive thoughts. Like I can walk, hear, see, and live in a country with laws and safety. Gratitude lengthens our lives and brings joy to everyone. There is always something to be grateful about. Like love it is a decision to be grateful.

Taking care of ourselves responsibly and making time

Whoever requires bodily rest should take a breathing space in her room. And when no outer rest whatever is attainable, when there is no place in which to retreat…. she must for a moment seal off herself inwardly against all other things and take refuge in the Lord. He is indeed there and can give us in a single moment what we need. Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. In our day we must exercise, drink plenty of water, eat healthy, pray, and repent of our sins and make time for fun. Do not take on more than we can accomplish by saying no. No is a complete sentence. No guilt, remember that anything else is pride. We are not God. Be prudent and stay away from extremes and vices; over eating, drinking too much, and any other sin. Bad habits harm our bodies the temple of the Holy Spirit. Which will shorten our time on earth

Taking time to care for others responsibly

God set of a order of things. God first, then spouse, then children and the time that is left for all others. If we keep that in mind we will not be confused on what is most important. Our children need to be cared for mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and education. Children also need to be made accountable for their actions and age appropriate chores. Our spouses come first and should be given special time. Prayer helps us accomplish all things without feeling overwhelmed. Let go and let God.

Processing the past and growing from it

Learning to forgive ourselves and others

Pope St. John Paul 11 has insightfully observed, seems so daunting precisely because it is paradoxical:

Forgiveness is not a proposal that can be immediately understood or easily accepted; in many ways it is a paradoxical message. Forgiveness in fact always involves an apparent short-term loss for a real long-term gain…. Forgiveness may seem like weakness, but it demands great spiritual strength and moral courage, both in granting it and in accepting it. It may seem in some way to diminish us, but in fact it leads us to a fuller and richer humanity, more radiant with the splendor of the Creator.

Growing in trust for God and others

So you sow so shall you reap. Trusting God is a choice. Gods merciful love should help us Trust Him completely, because of His allowing Jesus to die for our sins. However Jesus did not die and all were surprised that could believe. Another reason to trust God. If we accept Gods merciful love it will be easy to trust others. We will be able to love them as God loves us. Because He first loved us we can love others.

Separating the “real me” from the “me” I make up in my head

What a problem it is to see ourselves as God sees us. If we do examination of conscience. It will help some. But we are unable to understand Jesus when he speaks to us personally. So we must pray for ourselves to see the truth of our faults. It is possible and does help us love everyone. Because we are really busy trying to see the truth about ourselves and let go of the lies we believe about ourselves.

Resetting my expectations

Being realistic is prudence. Letting yourself laugh at your mistakes is humility. Let God be God this releases you to be human and grow at your own pace. Not at the pace of someone else. Do not compare your success with anyone else. Let God change you in His timing.

Holding myself accountable

No more blaming!!! Ask God to show you how he sees you. Be open to your faults. Go to confession when the Holy Spirit reveals your sin. This is how you become accountable. When you are drawn by the Holy Spirit to accomplish a work for God. Be open to it and get spiritual direction. Change the world. Only you can accomplish what God has planned for you to do for him on this earth. TIME IS SHORT. Live in the Now. Do not Judge. Do not fear. You do not know everything God doing in your life. Have Mercy and trust in God. Go into all the world and spread the good news. GOD LOVES YOU.

A Fathers Love

June 7th 2018

Prophesy for Fathers

I am here to help.  I will secure all your plans.  Help me by repenting quickly and praying fervently.  Give me what is mine, tithe It is my desire to Bless you abundantly.  Seek me in the word and you will be wise.  Come to a quiet place alone with me.  If you don’t serve me, who will take your place?  Fear not for I am always with you.

Claude Council is my husband of 54 years and father of our 4 Children and 5 grandchildren.



































ALL IN ALL HE IS BEST!!!!! By June Council

Lynn Bradley

Our Children love and respect their father Claude lee Council jr. His daughter Lynn Bradley loves and understands him. His sons Claude lee Council 111, James Council, Matthew Council and our son-in-law Allen Bradley, respect and honor his opinions. I am very blessed that he gave all of them, all of himself , guidance, correction, protection, financial support and all his love. We all love his sense of humor and humble manner. One time when the children were young a man came violently to our front door and tried to open and break in the door.  It was over a dispute between our children.  I never saw Claude so close to violence.  He controlled his temper and did not open the door.  That is when I knew that he would die for us all at any second.  Thank God He is a prudent man.  Claude is a Mans Man and enjoys football, baseball and loves going to games with the family.  In his younger years he watched sports on t.v. and it became the family bonding time.  When you have many children you sacrifice many things to provide for your family.  Claude never once complained about giving anything to his children.    He was also with those in need, and taking in others down on their luck.  Claude would go along with my Christian Callings without complaining.  We sold everything we owned and gave lots to the poor and went across the country in camper with 4 children for a year.  Claude had a life trauma when all the children were gone because he had to work so much.   Our grandchildren filled that hole in Claude’s life.  Our grandchildren , Angela, Allen, Bria, Christopher, Caroline have been a great joy to him.  He use to put candy in his back pocket for them to find when he came home from work, when they were little.  When they got older he took them on many trips and enjoyed playing cards and then going to a really late movie with them.  He would finish their stay over with a trip to waffle house or Denny’s which was so much fun for us all.   Everyday should be Father’s Day!!!

Left Caroline PawPaw Christopher

left PawPaw Bria Council

Kathleen and Angela in middle at wine tasting

Allen Bradley Sr. Son in law Allen Bradley Jr. grandson and his wife Wendy Bradley


My husbands father Claude lee Council Sr. was an amazing Christian father, husband and grandfather . Our children loved him. He gave amazing training in writing from his generation of good grammar and perfect penmanship. Their vacations with him was a highlight of their summer. I loved our talks on the Bible and spiritual topics. He was a great Joy in all of our lives. We miss him.

The Council Men

Left top James Council Claude lee Council 111 Claude lee Council jr.

Left bottom Matthew Council and PAPA Claude lee Council sr.

My Husband calls himself my Joseph and I do too. Gods power is in a silent man like Joseph.

St. Joseph statue

Sacred Heart Tampa, Florida


There are no words from Joseph, but he did plenty of actions.  Joseph was a man of Christian action.  Joseph protected the Holy Family and guarded them with the help of God’s guidance.  His righteousness guided him in justice and saved Mary and her reputation.  He also sustains us in our afflictions today.  Just like any father who goes unnoticed for his good model of hard work.  Joseph protected Jesus and trained him in a trade in Jesus younger years.  Joseph caring for Jesus with compassion as a foster father, shows his generosity.  Even though they were poor Joseph was a good provider.  The wisdom of Joseph listening to God allowed him to rescue Jesus from Herod’s murder. Everything Joseph did was to prepare and protect and provide for his family.   I m sure his prayers save us from many sins.


Model of Righteousness

Solace of the afflicted

Protector of Children

Hope of the Sick

Consolation of the Poor

Rescuer of Sinners

Model of Christian Workmen

Patron of Priests and Seminarians

Model of Single Men and Married Men

Patron of a Happy Death

Guardian of Virgins

Safeguard of Families


I never knew your pain

You were always there

To protect and serve

You suffered silently

With perseverance and grace

You cared and did your best

Your cross was huge

Yet you carried it to the end

And at the end you told me

God protected you the whole way

My father was a quiet man.  He loved his pipe and fast cars.  I loved smelling the Cherry tobacco that he smoked in his pipe.   When I was little he would take me on his lap and say silly stuff to me.  He really enjoyed me.   My mother said that I would stand next to him in the car and say careful daddy and he would slow down.  He had a hard life growing up.  His mother was single mom and he was illegitimate.  In that generation it was considered terrible and not tolerated by the town.  They would spit on him and mistreat him.  When he graduated from High School and began to work a man took him under his wing and encouraged him to take a government test.  He passed the test and he and my mother moved to Washington D.C.  He became very successful in the government.  That man really changed his life forever for the better.  My father was a very hard worker and very loyal.  He had a hard life.  When I was 13 our lives changed forever.   My grandmother died, who lived with us, and my mother had a mental breakdown from taking care of her day and night.  It was a terrible time for the mentally ill as they usually did not come out of the institutions.  They were misunderstood and persecuted even more then they are in this generation.  My dad cared for her until she died.  He took much abuse from her and was very patient and loving.  I am very proud of my father was a good son and father and husband.   It is good to be grateful for our parents.  Always remember different generations have different rules.  We should love them because they do the best for us as they can.  My father passed away and I now know that lifetimes are fleeting and the opportunities are numbered.  So let go of the hardened heart and unforgiveness and fear and love.  Say I love you today!


Venerable Fulton Sheen,

Once you have surrendered yourself, you make yourself receptive.  In receiving from God, you are perfected and completed.

No one will love us more than God our Father.  Yet I need to appreciate you lord and I overlook the wonderful things you do for me.  The miracles that I take for granted.    You tell me how much you love me and I forget and fear.

Thank you Father for;

Loving us unconditionally

For your Merciful Love

For your forgiveness

Especially giving us Jesus

Your unselfish generosity

Your Healings

The Eucharist

The Scriptures

The Church

Ellen Mongan and I do the podcast below and she writes for Women Of Grace Blog on EWTN here is her first article on Fathers


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Ellen Mongan and June Council


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