Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

Christian Friendship #2

You can purchase the book and find free videos for study guide in back of the book to lead your groups http://www.thefriendshipprojectbook.com

This is an amazing book on Friendship please read and use it in your groups. 4/9/2018 We interviewed Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet. What delightful experience for Ellen Mongan and myself. Please listen to the interview.


Christian Friends help you find your smile, your hope, your courage, and encourage you to be the best person you can be. They guide you by sharing their spirituality. One of our co-hosts texted me music that she would listen to and meditate intently bringing her close to God the father. Jane Ann did not know that I had gone to a Spiritual director the day before and was encouraged by her to meditate prior to prayer maybe using music. The text came in as I was beginning my prayer time. Obviously the Holy Spirit guided Jane Ann to share the songs with me. I immediately knew that I was to use this to come close to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. There were beautiful messages from all three of the songs for me and I was totally obsorbed by the power of God.

These warriors gave me encouragement in true Spiritual Warfare

St. Patricks Day was a sad day. Dick McSheehy’s birthday we would celebrate every year. Dick passed away 3 years ago. His wife Helene and Dick were leaders of the Charismatic prayer meeting for years. I called Helene because I knew it was a sorrowful day for her. Helene is 84 and said to me that she prayed for someone to call her because she was so lonely. Helene is in good health but hears from none of the Christian community. How sad that she hears from no one. We had a great conversation and laughed. We have had such a good friendship through out the years. When my husband was out of work they put groceries in my fridge. I was able to return the favor when the same thing happened to them. We prayed for each other. I know all about her family and pray for them like my own family.
Christian Friendship is always present, available and loving unconditionally.
It is always being sensitive to their pains and woundedness to help them carry the cross in their lives.
If you are in your church and you have many friends and community in your church please make room for the new comers. Form a group that visits those confined to their homes. Get to know everyone. There is no room for cliques.

WOW women of wisdom podcast Christian Friendship


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