Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

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The poem below was written by me and I love to sign it J.C. When the Holy Spirit helps me write my deepest thoughts completely .  I wrote this in 5 minutes , while riding in a car after being persecuted by Christian Leaders for a long time.  Jesus said Father forgive them they for they know not what they do.  I however Have no problem forgiving but I do not know how to let go of the hurt and emotions.  This poem healed me completely while writing it, because it helped me express how I feel, which was so hard for me to verbalize.  It released me from all my hurt of not being able to express my feelings to those who do not care about me.  I do not understand the attitude of leaders, that we are disposable, even though we do our best for them.  It is hard when you see others favored and you are not understood.  This poem inspired me to write the Blog Wounded In Our Midst because I know that I am not alone.



Please accept me
Hear my plea

Be sensitive and realize how I have been abused
By your being silent my justice was refused

Give me the benefit of the doubt
Don’t call me out

If I am not your favorite one
Try hard not to shun

Don’t listen to gossip that is negative
Remember it is a lie and Pray to be positive

Care about ALL those in the pews
Even if they do not share your views

Don’t Judge me when I tell you all
Remember your judgmental attitude can cause me to fall

Think about what you say to all
Never forget we trusted you because of your call

When you fear
Always remember the devil is near

If you are really smart
Do not use it to tear me apart

If you forget your call
My unsaved family will see it all

When you are tired, take a rest
Don’t allow satan to put you to the test

Your pride will take you down
Repent and you will receive your crown

If you say mean things in jest
It will take us longer to be our best

If you think this is your profession
Go straight to confession

If you love and encourage us to be our best
Jesus is very able to do the rest

Most important give us the benefit of the doubt
Then many will come back to praise and shout

Don’t believe all the polls and lose faith, it’s a lie
The truth is the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit is what you should try

Many are lost because of the lie. Your call is to bring them back home
It is time to be obedient and listen to the Pope in Rome

Be a Godly man and forget worldly things
All you need is what the Holy Spirit brings

We do not need a king to lord it over us and teach
All we need is a simple man who we can always reach

God is not impressed with your knowledge and your speech
What He wants is the message of His love for us that you preach

After all is said and done and if nothing amounts
The love of Jesus that you shared is all that counts

You are not a one man show
If God does not give you help then let it go.

If you are really grateful for our help let us know
Being taken for granted is a terrible crushing blow

You are loved by so many in so many ways
Stop looking and searching to always get away

Know that there is a battle to be won
You and God will lead us to victory, with his only Son

Don’t be tempted by womanly wiles
Mary will protect you if you spend time with her for a while

In conclusion know that everything you do is forgiven
Because Jesus Christ your savior has risen!  J.C.


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