Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

imageHow grateful are you? If you receive a gift, do you take it for granted or do you say thank you. If someone is nice to you, does it give you a reason to take advantage of them? Why is it that so many complain, even when they are prosperous? How many want bigger, better, or best, and nothing is enough.
I have pondered the generosity of God and his Mercy. How, over and over, God says yes to our prayers. My observance is those who have their prayers answered usually are not grateful. When a miracle occurs they don’t even notice that a miracle took place, because it was not how they would have done it. Sometimes they think God owed them because of their great accomplishments. Why?
We have had such religious freedom in the U.S., which we are slowly losing because of the loss of moral integrity. Christians take our freedom of religion for granted. We have let evil groups spread the gospel of occultism. Our president says we are no longer a Christian nation and there is no outcry. Where is the gratitude for our service men who die for our abundance and freedoms .
No one likes to be taken for granted. Over and over again God overlooks our ignoring of all he does for us. God in his mercy and love still keeps forgiving us. What do we do, ignore him and blame Him for all the evil that occurs in our lives. It amazes me the unconditional love of God, who sacrificed his only son to save us even though we ignore and refuse to accept His love. What do we choose, not Gods love but personal gain and evil ,which will destroy us. All God wants is the best for us, and all we do is look for excuses to ignore Him.
As we contemplate our actions, lets ask ourselves, how much do we appreciate our parents love and sacrifice. They did the best they could to raise us with what they were given by God. No one is perfect and our parents made mistakes. We overlook the good and only remember the bad. Everyone comes with pain and make mistakes in life, even us.
We also, in our arrogance, criticize our children and ignore all the good they do and how they want to please us. It seems that we take lots for granted and are grateful for little. It is easy to overlook all the good things that have come our way. When have you said boy, I am so glad that I can see, smell, taste, walk or any other simple pleasure in your life.
Everything we have comes from God. If something happens that makes us unhappy we blame God. We quit praying ( if we ever started praying ) and we say now it’s time to do as we please. The problem is when things do go right and life is peachy we think it is of our own doing and forget God all together. Forgiveness is our greatest protection from becoming cold and heartless. Unforgiveness is what closes us to the love of God and also closes us from everyone else who matters. Without God we are ungrateful. We think everything is owed to us and we expect comfort and luxury. This opens us up to greed, selfishness, lust, perversion,lawlessness and all the other demons that make this world terrible. Striving to love unconditionally is the only thing that will heal our world today. We should be merciful to all those who are unkind and ungrateful for our kindness.
Our spouses are a wealth of blessings and yet when do we say thank you for their many kindnesses? Divorce happens when we do not appreciate each other and do not live by God’s law. When we trust God we are protected, but when we trust ourselves and go our own way we set ourselves up for attacks from Satan. When we turn to God and ask forgiveness He gives it right then and we are right back under His protection. It is that simple. How can we miss how wonderful God’s mercy is our lives. It is so simple.
Be grateful for everything and rejoice for Gods unconditional love. God is waiting for us to come to Him, praising Him for all that we have, even the bad. The bad makes us stronger to help others going through the same things in their life. All the good and bad that happens to us is for our good and should not to drag us down. Praise God for all things and pray for a grateful heart and your attitude will reflect God’s love.

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