Until God ordains otherwise, a man ought to bear patiently whatever he cannot correct in himself and in others. Imitation of Christ by John Kempis

images-1 What has our country come to;  can you believe Child Trafficking ?  The breeding ground for traffickers is Foster Homes.  They love to seek these poor children who have low self esteem.  After 24 hours the runaway is targeted to become a sex slave.  How did we get this depraved?  Why are our children such victims?  Even children from good homes are victims of our Godless society.  Our T.V. and movies  promote sex, violence, vulgar actions, divorce, rebellion, Greed, murder, abortion. There are no consequences.  We have accepted the propaganda that you can do what ever you want to be  happy.  This is a lie because  only true happiness comes when we love God and follow his commandments.  God gave us these rules for our happiness and a better world.  My prayer is that we Christians become concerned enough to pray for deliverance from these evil influences that confront our Children. Fr. Rober Baron’s Lenten post today The Ten Commandments are divided into two sets. The first three deal with our relationship to God and how to worship him, and then, following from these commandments, comes a whole series of commandments concerning our relationship with other people. As we enter into the heart of Lent, reflecting on how we keep these commands can become the impetus to deepen our commitment to the Lord. “Honor your father and your mother.” What is the quality of your relationship with those who are nearest and dearest to you? If things are off there, they are probably off everywhere else. “You shall not kill.” Very few of us have actually killed another person, but what is the role that violence plays in your life? What is the quality of your temper? Have you effectively killed people, that is to say, rendered them lifeless? Do you enhance the lives of those around you, or are people less alive after they’ve been with you? “You shall not commit adultery.” The Bible is not obsessed with sex, but it does recognize the importance of our sexuality in the moral sphere. Much of our popular culture wants to teach us that sex is basically amoral, a matter, finally, of indifference. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, so says the culture, anything goes. But sex, like every other part of us, is meant to serve love, to become a gift. Is your sex life self-indulgent, simply for the sake of your pleasure? Do you lust after others, using them for your own sexual satisfaction? Do you practice forms of sex that are simply perverse? “You shall not steal.” Do you steal other’s property, even very small things like little amounts of money? Do you steal someone’s good name and reputation through gossip? “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” What is the quality of your speech? How much time do you spend inveighing against your neighbor, even making things up to make him look bad? “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house or wife.” The philosopher René Girard suggests that we imitate other people’s desires, wanting things simply because other people want them. This can easily lead to conflict and dysfunction. What is it that you are coveting in your life, especially that which others have or desire? This Lent, suppose that Jesus has made a whip of cords, knotted with the Ten Commandments. What would he clear out of you?

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